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Photography course


Level 1

Duration: 1h30 

 Price: 60 $ cad / 45 €

The basics of operating your camera

In this first volume of one-on-one lessons, we'll take a moment to understand how your camera works. This is the first step towards independent photography to get out of automatic mode and start creating your images long before it is time to press the shutter button.


The points studied:

-The operation of a reflex type camera.

- Basics of aperture, speed, ISO sensitivity.

-Introduction to the exposure triangle and the histogram.

-The different image formats.

-White balance.




When booking this course, you will receive an email containing the booklet corresponding to the chosen course as well as the link for the videoconference.

As a reminder, these are individual lessons during which you will receive an education adapted to your level of understanding. The courses are based on a pleasant and friendly working atmosphere alternating between theory and practice. Make sure you have your camera with a full battery for the lesson.