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Architecture and interior design photography

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Post-production and editing


Florian settled down in Montreal in 2019 to develop STUDIO CRBN there. It was first through architecture that he experimented with photography.


Trained in an art school and specialized in interior design, his gaze naturally focuses on light, clean lines and the geometry of the spaces that surround him.  


Today he collaborates with architects and designers to showcase their architectural work, teaches photography, and if he often tends to feel cramped between four walls, photography also serves as an excuse for travel and exploring more personal themes.



How do your rates work? 
The rates can be split in two parts: Daily fee and post-production fee.
The daily fee covers the time and knowledge needed to complete the shoot. This includes preparation, scouting and everything necessary to complete the project. Post-production fee covers the time spent in post-production to bring the final images to life. Each image comes with a standard licensing rights unlimited in time.

Who owns the photos? 
The photographer always has the copyright on the images he creates. He is the only one who can sell and share the images/videos.

Can I share the images with another company involved in the project?
Third-party usage is not included in the standard licencing. Other parties interested in obtaining photos should contact the photographer directly. Multi-client licenses are more profitable for clients but must be planned before the shoot.

What is a multi-client license? 
When several parties involved in a project wants to use the photos, it's called multi-client licensing. (Example: Architect, designer, cabinetmaker for the same project). In this situation, the costs are divided between all the parties and each client will sign the user agreement.

Do you travel for projects?
Of course ! Based in Montreal, Canada, I travel several times a year to France. But I'm available to shoot pretty much everywhere.

© Studio CRBN owns the copyright in all images and videos displayed on this website. Please contact Studio CRBN if you would like to purchase images.

© Studio CRBN owns the copyright to all images and videos displayed on this website. Please contact Studio CRBN if you would like to purchase images.

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