Photoshop courses



Duration: 1h30 

 Price: $ 60 / € 45

Individual online course on Photoshop software

This course on Photoshop software is intended for all those who wish to start but also to develop their knowledge on this software. The course will be adapted according to your level and according to what you want to learn. From basic software operation, to simple retouching, to more complex photomontage, Photoshop is the gateway to endless creativity in photographic retouching.  


The points studied:

-Understand the PhotoShop software interface, the tools palette, the different menus and their functions.

-Use the various selection, drawing and text tools.

-Understand the system of slaps and masks.

-Methods of defect removal, duplication and cloning.




When booking this course, you will receive an email containing the booklet corresponding to the chosen course as well as the link for the videoconference.

As a reminder, these are individual lessons during which you will receive an education adapted to your level of understanding. The courses are based on a pleasant and friendly working atmosphere alternating between theory and practice. Make sure you have Photoshop software installed on your computer before the start of the course.